Thursday, 26 January 2012

How I Make Money Online

Being a university student, and also not having money to spend by going out, I spend a lot of time sitting in front of my computer. I am not here to endorse this behaviour, most of the time I would rather be elsewhere. But as long as I am at my computer I thought I might as well get paid for it. There are lots of ways to do this apparently, and only a few of them involve foreign royalty needing you to send them money.

I have several ways that I make money online. I have already written about Swag Bucks, which is probably my favourite site for making money. It rewards you for doing things that you would do anyway (using their search engine) as well as having a very easy site to use to get paid for other simple things.

I also use Superpoints, which can make you money simply by clicking on a button. You area allotted a certain amount of clicks each day and are rewarded periodically when you click. You won't make much but you can just have the page open in the background and click it periodically, very easy to do.  This site has roughly $3 in its account which I have not cashed out yet (need $10), but my mom swears by this site. They have other ways to get points too, such as watching videos and surveys, but it is easiest just to hit the button.

I just recently started using a site called Fusion Cash, and while I have not cashed out on this site, in six days I have made almost $15. This site has offers to complete for you to get paid. There are lots of different types, but some are riskier than others. The site is not a scam, but some out there may say it is. Fusion Cash awards you for registering to other sites. The offers I have done have included signing up with online survey sites and confirming my email. This is easy, and you can just close your account after you get paid for it, or have the emails go to your junk mail. But there are other offers that require you to give your credit card to sign up for a free trial of a paid service. These offers are reward more, and can be a great way to make money as long as you remember to cancel your service at the end of the free trial. The people who claim it is a scam probably got roped into a year of Netflix or something. But Fusion Cash has surveys and a forum that you get rewarded for posting in too, so if you are uncomfortable with the idea of giving your credit card out, like I am, you do not need to do those particular offers.

Then there are the survey sites that I have signed up for. I signed up to a bunch of sites because you do not get sent surveys very often by a couple sites. These are for the most part easy money, the longest surveys can be torture to sit through but even they only last 40 minutes absolute tops. Those surveys usually pay the most and if you don't want to do them you don't. Or you wait until you have time to sit down and complete it, or do a bit, leave your browser open and come back to it, which most surveys allow.

My favourite site is Web Perspectives. I found that their surveys are the best combination of reward and regularity. I get emails with surveys from them pretty often, and I think the lowest paying survey I have gotten from them was for $1. I have cashed out $20 to Paypal from Web Perspectives in the 4 months since I joined, and will be cashing out another $10 shortly.

The site that is the most generous with their rewards is Pinecone Research. This site is invitation only, but there are sites out there that keep track of the exclusive link. These two sites have it here and here. Pinecone pays $3 for every survey and pay each time, they will send you a $3 cheque or deposit $3into your Paypal account. I have made $18 I think in 4 months. Pinecone also will send you products to try in your home, which is pretty cool, and will reward you for these too. The one negative to Pinecone is the surveys come infrequently. You will get them, but not very often. But since they pay so well it is still great.

I am signed up with Ipsos - Isay too. This site is another good one. I have made $20 in 4 months. Surveys come very often but sometimes only pay small amounts. It is a very good site though.

Opinion World is another good one with which I have made $10 in 4 months. Leger Web has made me $10 in 4 months, but require $20 to cash out. They also send surveys very infrequently but the surveys pay $1 each and are always very short. The one site that hasn't really worked out for me is Global Test Market. I have about $3 after 4 months of surveys. The surveys pay like 15 cents each. I realized this too late so I am going to wait until I have the $10 needed to cash out and then quit doing the surveys from them. Then again that will still be in another year or so at this rate.

One last way I make money, well not money but almost as good is from Petro-Canada. At the bottom of your receipt from them is a website that leads you to a survey about your experience there. What it doesn't say is that you can do the survey every three days without an additional purchase. If you have a Petro Rewards card this is a very easy way to get rewarded. The survey takes maybe 2 minutes, and you can say that all you did was go to the bathroom. As long as you have the store number off the receipt you can get 200 Petro Points every 3 days, which works out to over 24,000 a year.

Individually these may not seem impressive. But all these added up is a very easy and very rewarding way to spend your computer time. I have made $80 from surveys in 4 months, $175 from Swag Bucks, a little bit of money waiting for me from Fusion Cash and Superpoints and quite a few easy Petro Points. This easy income is out there waiting for anyone willing to take it. This is not the huge dollars most people are looking for when they go looking for money online but it is real money that I made without a lot of effort. That is about as good as I could ask for.

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