Sunday, 22 January 2012

Meal Plan

Because I at least try to eat healthily I often find very few options on campus where I can use my meal plan money, money I need to use or else it gets wasted and that I can't get back anyway. But last semester, because of my mind set of trying to spend as little money as possible, I ended up with lots of money left over, meaning I now have to spend that money this semester. Part of my eating healthy is eating a good breakfast in the morning. I like to have two eggs on toast with a little cheese, ketchup and hot sauce if I have it. But this means that I need to buy that food with my own money. This is often problematic because a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread does not last very long. Breakfast becomes an expensive recurring cost.

To my pleasant surprise though I have found that the little convenience store on campus, which accepts meal plan, stocks bread. Saving that cost at least. As well, since I have so much money left to spend, I no longer buy my milk at Zellers like I used to, I now just buy single serving milk cartons at the Dining Hall, saving even more of that cost. Next year I am going to be living in a fairly expensive apartment ($570 + utilities), so saving money on food is going to be even more important. I am hoping that I can mooch as much food as I can when I go home, but I will still end up spending money on food. Spending money on food is not in the least bit fun. Luckily, at least for the next three months, I have found a way to minimize the cost.


  1. Hey man yes you might be surprise that you got a comment from someone that just started blogging. I'm not here to respond to the blog you just posted. I can't find any way to communicate with other bloggers beside this dam comment bar.

    I found you from a comment section in Thepassiveincomeearner for dividend investing 2012. I'm like you in a way because we are both students that is struggling with low income (No Jobs) and want to invest. I'm from York University doing BAS (1st Year) and I want to chat with you so we could both exchange advice since were both in the same poor house. (LOL) Did you start buying stocks in this bear market yet?

    1. Hey, I was so happy to see you comment, even though it isn't about the post. I am a first year kinesiology student at Laurier. I invested what I could, and because I do not have the time to research stocks a lot (it seems like that is how I spend a lot of time though) I just picked up an ETF of dividend paying stocks. I am excited to buy more shares of it once I start work in the summer, as well as other dividend stocks. How about you?

    2. It's nice to hear since you started out with ETF, I'm not 100% sure how to invest in those plus the fact I read somewhere that you have to pay commission a year is a turn off. Kinesiology student investing now that's funny because I was expecting that your a business student doing BBA, its fine that your investing. Can you explain more about ETF, I got my QuestTrade Account open and funded already but haven't brought any stocks because I thinking whether they can make a return before the recessionary phase.

    3. I have a real interest in investing and stuff, or more specifically making money with little effort. Investing in an ETF is the same as investing in a stock, they have a symbol that you enter and you buy it. There is a fee, the one I have has a 0.50% fee, which I consider pretty good considering I have a mutual fund account as well that has a 1.50% fee. I wish I opened a QuestTrade account, I opened a Waterhouse account for the simplicity of having all my accounts with TD. But I pay a very high trade commission. I will write a post later about the few investments I have and hopefully explain it a bit better.